Earth with Clouds MOVA Globe

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Travel high above our planet for a glimpse of Earth's natural beauty as seen from outer space, captured through NASA satellite imagery - our most popular design. 

It's a vantage point that few will ever have the privilege of seeing–Earth, viewed from afar. This globe uses images taken from NASA for a direct look at our planet from space. Swirls of white clouds punctuate soothing green and blue colors. As the globe gently rotates, it creates an immersive visual experience. It's a customer favorite for its authentic beauty–it's as if you're traveling alongside the astronauts for a firsthand look at our impressive planet.

  • Uses Images from NASA
  • Turns using ambient light
  • Hidden magnets provide movement
  • No cords or batteries
  • Comes with an Acrylic Base.
  • 1-YEAR WARRANTY by Manufacturer
  • Comes in 3 sizes, 4.5", 6" and 8.5" in diameter.

Powered by solar energy and the earth's magnetic field No batteries or wires are needed Solar panels hidden from view. Beneath the detailed graphic, the solar cell technology silently and calmly rotates the globe to reflect the steady motion of Earth.

To see how it works, click here - The video will come up in a new window.