EXEC SER X-1 1/32 (CX1T)

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This high quality replica is handcrafted from mahogany and comes with a wooden base. Dimensions are 12.75" (lL) X 8.5"(H) X 10.5"(Wingspan).

The Bell X-1 was a joint NACA-U.S. Army/US Air Force supersonic research project built by Bell Aircraft. It was the first aircraft to exceed the speed of sound in controlled, level flight, and was the first of the so-called X-planes, an American series of experimental aircraft designated for testing of new technologies and usually kept highly secret.
The X-1 was in principle a "bullet with wings", its shape closely resembled the Browning .50-caliber (12.7 mm) machine gun bullet that was known to be stable in supersonic flight.