Herpa Jasdf F-104j 202nd Hikotai 5th Kokudan 1/200 (**)

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With the exception of the first four examples, all of the 230 F-104Js manufactured were produced under license by Mitsubishi in Japan. Basically, the F-104 matched the German F-104G, but the Japanese were smart enough to produce the airplane only in the role its designers originally intended it for, that of a dedicated interceptor. 178 examples of this version went to seven Japan Air Self Defense Force (JASDF) squadrons from 1962 on, with the original of this model-novelty being allocated to the 202nd Hikotai, 5th Kokudan, Nyutabaru Air Base in 1964. It remained in operation there until 1981. Diecast metal airplane in 1:200 scale, printed (not decaled), in meticulous detail. Made for the real enthusiast! All aircraft come assembled.