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This phone case features the logo for Hughes Airwest used from 1971 to 1980.

Hughes Airwest was an airline in the western United States, backed by the Summa Corporation of Howard Hughes. The original name for the airline was Air West. Hughes Airwest flew routes in the western U.S. and to several destinations in Mexico and Canada; it was purchased by Republic Airlines on October 1, 1980. Its headquarters were on the grounds of San Francisco International Airport in unincorporated San Mateo County, California.

On April 17, 1968 three "local service" airlines in the western U.S. merged to form Air West:

  • Pacific Air Lines, which previously operated as Southwest Airways when it was founded in 1941, was based in San Francisco and flew along the coast and also California's Central Valley, linking cities from Medford, Oregon, to Southern California. Pacific operated Boeing 727-100s and Fairchild F-27s in 1968.
  • Bonanza Air Lines routes reached west from its Phoenix base to Southern California and north to Las Vegas, Reno and Salt Lake City. Bonanza flew Douglas DC-9-10s and Fairchild F-27s in 1968, with a McDonnell Douglas DC-9-30 on order, delivered after the merger.
  • West Coast Airlines, based at Boeing Field in Seattle, served the Pacific Northwest, Idaho, Utah, Montana and northern California. West Coast operated Douglas DC-9-10s, Fairchild F-27s and Piper Navajos in 1968.

Hungry for another adventure in the airline industry, TWA's former owner Howard Hughes sought the airline in 1968, and the deal was finalized in 1970. The airline was renamed Hughes Air West and its call sign became "Hughes Air. It expanded to several cities in the western United States, Canada and Mexico. With the new yellow paint scheme, unveiled 28 September 1971, the airline began calling itself Hughes Airwest, two words instead of the initial three word name.

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