Icelandic Airlines Logo Phone Case

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This phone case features the logo for Icelandic Airlines.

Icelandic Airlines or Loftleiðir Icelandic, was a private Icelandic airline headquartered on the grounds of Reykjavík Airport in Reykjavík, which operated mostly trans-atlantic flights linking Europe and America, pioneering the low-cost flight business strategy on these routes. Loftleiðir (the name being a compound of the Icelandic words for Air and Way) was founded on March 10, 1944, by Alfred Eliasson and two other young Icelandic pilots who had just returned from flight training in Canada. The growing competition from Flugfélag Íslands and the economical pressure during the 1970's energy crisis led to the merger of the two airlines in 1973 into one holding company, which was called Flugleiðir. In 1979, Flugfélag Íslands acquired all assets of Loftleiðir, and the airline became known as Icelandair.

This is a slim fit, lightweight and durable mobile phone cover. One-piece clip-on slim fitting case that allows full access to all device ports.

Available Models:
• IPhone 6/6 Plus, 7/7 Plus, 8/8 Plus and X.
• Samsung Galaxy 5, 6/6E, 7/7E and 8/8P.