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The most beautiful and famous landmarks in the world are now yours to have in your home. Incredibly detailed, fun to assemble and beautiful to display. Collect them all! 35 pieces. 9 W X 10" D X 6"" H

The Jefferson Memorial is a national monument honoring Thomas Jefferson the third president of the United States who was not only an American Founding Father but also an author and signor of the Delcaration of Independence. The initial idea for erecting the Jefferson Memorial was first introduced in 1934 by then President Franklin D. Roosevelt who was a great admirer of Jefferson. At the time there was a Federal Triangle project under construction and Roosevelt asked the Commission of Fine Arts to include it in his plans. During that same year Congressman john J Boylan was appointed the Commission's chairman and worked to appropriate $3 million for the memorial

In 1941 Rudolph Evans was commissioned to sculpt the statue of jefferson. Originally cast in plaster and painted bronze it was replaced by a 19 foot bronze statue weighing five tons once the World War II Restrictions on the use of metals were lifted in 1947. Completed in 1943 the Thomas Jefferson Memorial sits on the shore of the Potomac River Tidal Basin. Adolph A. Weinman's sculpture of the five members of the Declaration of Independence drafting committee submitting thier report to Congress is featured on the triangular pediment and quotations taken from jefferson's writings which illustrate the principals to which he dedicated his life adorn the interior of the Memorial.

It should be noted that Thomas Jefferson dies on July 4th 1826 on the 50th Anniversary of the Declaration of Independence at the age of 83.