Flight Attendant Adult Coloring Book: Jumpseat humor

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Full Size version ★

This unique, one-of-a-kind Flight Attendant Adult Coloring book brings forth some of the most commonly asked questions flight attendants get from passengers, and even some questions they frequently ask themselves and co-workers.Take a break from strenuous flights to relax and unwind with this humorous coloring book.

"Am I going to make my connection "

"Are you a commuter?"

"Shoes of Seniority"

...and many more clever, common crew questions/thoughts.

These quirky 25 pages will keep you giggling to yourself all flight long. We've designed this coloring book to be simple and enjoyable to complete; Compared to other intense and intricate coloring books out there, this one will give you satisfaction from completing your coloring in a pleasant amount of time. Use your imagination with a colorful unique compliment of colors or keep it more realistic, the creativity is endless ( like your trans-con flight!)

This is a great gift to treat yourself if you are crew, or a fantastic gift for a friend or family member that is a crew member. This is the larger, full size version to the original version of this coloring book which is travel size.

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