American Airlines DC3 First Class Service Travel Pouch

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This water resistant travel pouch has the image from a timetable holder used at the airport ticket counter promoting DC-3 First Class Service by American Airlines. The flip side is black.

The image used was in the front of a metal holder that was at each ticket counter and held timetables. There was a wooden piece that had the current promotional image on it that was slipped into the front of the metal holder. This is a reproduction of one of those promotional images.

This travel pouch measures 4" x 8" x .125". It is made of black neoprene and is perfect to use on your next trip.

This is great to hold your travel documents, travel accessories, cosmetics, toiletries or your even your electronic cables and chargers. It is also ideal to take to the beach or pool as it is water resistant. This travel pouch is washable so no worries if you spill something in it or on it.