Freehand Luggage Travel Cup Holder - Travel Drink Holder

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Freehand is the ONLY superior, self-leveling travel accessory that holds your drink while you're on-the-GO!  Navigating through the airport with a coffee, latte is easy. With The Freehand Self Leveling Drink Caddy you can effortlessly carry your beverages hands-free.
This cup holder keeps your drink suspended between the handles of your rolling bag or suitcase. Pull your suitcase at almost angle without worrying about drips, slips or spills as the bottle holder moves with you to keep the beverage upright. Going through long airport pathways is a breeze when your hands are free!
Long layovers and flight delays can put a damper on your day but the wait is more comfortable when you’ve got your favorite drink by your side. This unique design makes long walks to your terminal effortless and you can attach it to the front or the back so there is still room for your purse, laptop bag or personal item. Now when you’re rushing through a crowded airport you don’t have to worry about spilling scorching hot coffee.
  • TRAVEL READY: Take your coffee to go! Traveling can be a drag, and you don't usually have a free hand to hold a drink, but with this luggage drink holder you can "hold" your coffee, water or any beverage hands free without spilling.
  • EASY TO USE: Place the caddy in between the poles of your roll on suitcase handle; pull the caddy to extend as needed. Wrap the rubber straps around each handle pole and place the cup or bottle inside the holder! That's it!
  • SPILL & LEAK PROOF: This self-leveling device lets gravity do the work as it tilts and moves with your suitcase to keep itself upright. Can be placed on front or back of the suitcase handle. It also folds flat for compact storage.
  • UNIVERSAL & ADJUSTABLE: It adjusts to fit on any roller suitcases, coolers or storage bins with handles from 4" - 8" wide. It holds 8 - 24oz coffee cups and tumblers (does not hold Tervis, Yeti, or similar styles which are fluted and top heavy), and this new deluxe model has a "webbing" to hold bottles up to 1 liter.
  • AWESOME NOVELTY GIFT: Perfect for someone who travels a lot and spends a lot of time in airports, including flight attendants and business travelers. This product is made in the USA by a veteran-owned company.

Measurements - 9.5 x 5.2 x 1.9 inches

Weight - 6.4 ounces

Made in the USA!